Call for Papers

(Due March 31, 2016)

The Adventist Conference on Family Research and Practice is an annual conference held at Andrews University designed to provide professionals and Family Ministries Leaders alike the opportunity to be exposed to best practice strategies and research in the area of Family Therapy, Family Studies and Family Ministry in order to enhance ministry to families. We are interested in papers with a family-related practice focus for the Friday workshops, particularly those with an emphasis on integrating faith and practice. The theme of the 2016 ACFRP conference is Healthy Families: Building a Strong Foundation. (Read more.)

The Adventist Association of Family Life Professionals

The Adventist Association of  Family Life Professionals (AAFLP) exists to:

  • Encourage and promote excellence in family life education, research, and counseling
  • Be a voice for families in the Adventist church
  • Stimulate interaction and mutual encouragement between family life professionals
  • Encourage the integration of the Bible and spirit of prophecy in family life education and counseling
  • Inspire the highest levels of family life training and certification
  • Contribute to the strengthening of families
  • Bring honor to Jesus Christ

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Who can be a member?
Why should I join?
Are there any additional benefits?
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Membership Categories and Fees

  • Student Members ($10/year):
    Any student currently enrolled in family life education, research or therapy as a major or minor. This includes broad areas such as psychology, social work, and other affiliate fields relating to family life.
  • Affiliate Member ($40/year):
    Anyone interested in family life education research or therapy and currently active in an affiliated profession (i.e. pastors, teachers, counselors, etc.)
  • Supporting Member ($40/year):
    Anyone interested in family life education research or therapy.
  • Regular Member ($40/year):
    Anyone currently involved in family life education, research or therapy or as Conference Director of Family Ministries.
  • Certified Member ($40/year):
    Anyone currently meeting the certification requirements as an Adventist Family Life Educator. Certification is the suggested goal for all members. This membership group will assist in the certification process and, where possible, offer their services in training seminars and workshops.
Who Can Be a Member?
  • Church employees who are assigned Family Ministries.
  • Church volunteers who wish to increase their effectiveness in Family Ministries.
  • Pastors, teachers, social workers, counselors, therapists and other affiliated professions.
  • Those interested in becoming certified as family life educators.
  • Must be a member in good and regular standing of the Seventh-day Adventist Church or support the family ideals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Why Should I Join AAFLP?
  • To network with other family life professionals in the Adventist community.
  • To become acquainted with the latest research, project and papers from other family life professionals.
  • To provide direction for Family Ministries in the Adventist Church.
  • To assist the North American Division and General Conference in developing programs and strategies for Adventist families.
  • To provide assistance to training organizations such as Adventist colleges, universities and institutions.
  • To develop working relationships with other Christian family life professionals and organizations.
  • To establish standards for Adventist family life certification.
Are There Any Additional Benefits?
  • A 10% discount will be given to qualified spouses who wish to become AAFLP members.
  • You will receive three newsletters annually, keeping you informed about the latest in Adventist Family Ministries. 
  • You will receive a membership certificate suitable for framing.
  • Avenues open up for networking with other family life professionals, both locally and nationally.
  • It will enhance your credibility and validate your experience an competence.
  • Members share a common cause, receive educational and social benefits, plus acceptance and support from their peers.

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